Setiap kali muncul posting daripada Dato’Dr Sheikh Muszaphar atau Datin Dr Halina, pastinya ia penuh kata-kata motivasi dan ilmu untuk dikongsikan bersama. Untuk kali ini, dedikasi ucapan sempena sambutan ulangtahun perkahwinan mereka pula mencuri perhatian.


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Baca juga Walaupun Bekerjaya, Isteri Kena Juga Bergantung Pada Suami. – Pesona Pengantin


Diam tak diam, sudah 12 tahun pasangan ini melayari bahtera rumahtangga. Dikurniakan dengan enam orang cahaya mata, Bella, Tasha, Adam, Noah, Eusoff dan Emelia, pasangan romantis ini seringkali menjadi perhatian kerana bukan sahaja cara didikan mereka terhadap anak-anak tetapi sikap mereka berdua yang saling hormat-menghormati.


Bersempena ulangtahun perkahwinan mereka yang ke-12, mereka berdua dilihat menikmati hidangan di sebuah hotel. Malah mereka berdua bersiap macam nak pergi dating!




Alhamdulillah – Its been a blessed 12 years of marriage
How time passes
Our love is getting stronger
Our respect to each other
Our understanding
Our Compromises & Sacrifices
Give & Take
Building each other’s strength
Have been our pillars from the start .

The kids are growing
Juggling work with Family has never been easy
Bella , Tasha , Adam , Noah , Eusoff & Emelia
They been a handful
We try to play our role
As best as possibly could
Raising them to become the best
Instilling them with good values
Respecting and helping others in need
To become great Ummah
Dunia & Akhirah …

Both of us understand what needs to be done
Same goal
Same mission
Things which we discussed and agreed upon
Even before Bella was born
The path is crystal clear
But time has been our greatest challenge
To be there for our kids
At all times ..
No matter how busy we are
One needs to be there ..
Sending , Picking , Classes , Activities , Showering , Bedtime …
One of us just need to make sacrifices ..


But so far so good
We manage somehow
After all these years
12 years with 6 kids
A challenge it has been
But never once regretted
If I could change the time
The choice would have been the same

Alhamdulillah ..
Bersyukur Sangat
Love As Always

Dr Halina juga memuat naik sekeping foto mereka bersama dan ucapannya juga manis untuk dibaca.


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12 years and 6 children later, here we are..

First two year of marriage, we were like other couples. We fight, we argue.. because we are just humans. I have learned to choose my battle wisely. Winning every argument at the expense of his feeling is not actually winning. I have learned that love is made of trust, surrender and forgiveness.

When we first got married, he asked me to understand his dreams. He wanted to inspire the young generations to dream big. He needed me to be strong, next to him. Until today, 15 years later after he became the first Malaysian to land in ISS, I still see the fire in his eyes. I’m so proud of him.

Happy 15th space anniversary to my dear husband..
and 12 years of being married to you has been awesome!! Thank you for tolerating me hehehe.. I love you, S!

To growing old together, here and afterlife.. 


Semoga pasangan ini akan terus berbahagia sehingga ke Jannah.